Rabbi Amy Weiss

Rabbi Amy Weiss is the founder and executive director of Undies for Everyone, a non-profit organization that distributes new underwear to in-need public school students. This coming fall Undies plans to distribute almost 100,000 pair.

Amy is also the inspiration behind and owner of Jewdads.

Through Undies for Everyone, Jewdads and so many other avenues, Rabbi Weiss’ rabbinate focuses on making liberal Judaism and Jewish ethics and values more accessible and integrated into our everyday lives.

Amy frequently speaks at pro-choice events as a member of Clergy for Choice and Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Choice. In March, 2009 she spoke at Planned Parenthood’s National Interfaith Breakfast. Amy is also a member of the City of Houston’s Independent Police Oversight Board.

Ordained at Hebrew Union College in New York City, Amy holds masters degrees in Jewish Education and Jewish Literature, and a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of Texas. Amy is married to Rabbi Kenny Weiss and they have two sons, Eli and Joshua.

Oh, did we mention that Amy is Houston Hillel’s Director of Food and Nutrition, and prepares all of Houston Hillel’s Shabbat dinners, campus lunches and Passover meals? She really loves cooking. In fact, if you look closely at the picture above you can see Amy smiling next to a Peking Duck in San Francisco’s Chinatown. We’ve conveniently cropped the Duck out of the picture because Amy doesn’t particularly care for Peking Duck. We just thought it would be funny for Amy to pose with the Duck. (Click here for the full picture.)

Contact Amy at aweiss@undiesforeveryone.org.